Quality Drywall Co.

       We provide a complete range of drywall services                                  in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding areas.

New, Remodel or Patch Work   

Residential only


    We hang all types of drywall on wood, concrete, or hollow-metal framing.

We have experience with arches, barrels, slopes, coffers, cathedrals, and cake ceilings.

  If you can frame it, we can drywall it!


Smooth or Textured?

1)     Smooth walls with a stomp-texture ceiling is the current trend in housing.               Economical

 2)    Smooth ceilings with swirl-texture ceilings require a higher quality and cost.       Higher Quality 

 3)    There are also splatter, orange-peel, knockdown and Acoustical spray (popcorn) textures available

         These ceiling textures may also be applied to the walls as well.

        We also have experience matching some of the lesser known, or "handyman" created textures.

Corner bead and "Drywall Art"

Corner bead decides if your outside wall corners are square, rounded, or angled. Square corners are the general standard,  new innovations have created other styles. Bull nose, or "round" corner bead is the second most common, with Chamfer, cut off at an angle, coming in third.There are many other special beads with almost unlimited applications.

 For more information on the corner bead possibilities and Great Drywall Art ideas, check out "Trim-Tex" products.