Quality Drywall Co.

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                                 Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I begin?

First, I will meet with you to determine what your needs are. I can estimate the job cost and materials with a blueprint, or by measuring the finished framing (preferred). At this time we will also go over any questions that you or I have about the job. Within a couple of days, I will contact you with a verbal bid. If accepted, we will make a time schedule and arrange any jobsite entry logistics. 

  1.    The drywall will be delivered at a time and day we agree upon
  2.     I will arrive and hang the drywall.
  3.    Once the drywall is hung, scraps will be removed and the floors swept
  4.    Then I will do the finishing, i.e. tape and mud
  5.    All remaining drywall debris will be removed. The floors will be scraped and swept.
  6.    Now, you smile and relax, and I get paid.
  7.    Finally, it's time to PRIMER before painting.
  8.    For any problems, you can contact me and I will do whatever is needed to help
Will there be dust?

                      The short answer is YES

     Dust is created;

  1.  During the hanging process each time the drywall is cut
  2.  During the finishing process from sanding
  3.  When sweeping the floor  
However, this can be controlled in several ways;
  1.  Create a dust barrier using plastic or cloth
  2.  Avoiding unnecessary sanding (always)
  3.  Use of sweeping compound
  4.  Use a "dustless" mud which settles to the ground quicker (higher cost)
  5.  Use air filtration (higher cost)                     
How long will it take?

Size and complexity are the main keys to this answer. The more there is to do, the longer it will take. Accessibility, schedules, temperature, and humidity are other common factors that affect time. On average, patches can be completed in one day. A basement can be completed in a week, a three bedroom starter home will take two weeks, and a large or more complex house could take as long as a month to complete.